Spring fling!  Shibui is officially launched overseas today by Trebuchet marketing! 


Here's the Torta Recipe that we use when we demo~


Shibui ~ Smoked Salmon Torta

          3 oz package Aqua Nova Lox The Oregon Lox Co., Eugene

          8 oz package Cream Cheese, softened

          Fruit, lemon and dill weed for garnish (see photo)

          34 degree crackers (named for the 34th parallel, Denver, CO)

          Shibui Sauce, the perfect finishing touch, on everything!


        Line small bowl with plastic wrap, add cheese & salmon, alternate layers.

        Chill, unmold onto serving     plate.  Garnish with fruit, lemon and dill.

        Spread onto crackers and swirl with Shibui Sauce.   Serves @25.   

        Substitute pesto, roasted peppers, shrimp, crab, pears or pepper jelly

        for salmon and chopped fresh herbs, toasted almonds or nuts for dill.

        Use crostini, bruschetta or fruit slices as a base.  Create your own classic!  


        Enjoy Shibui Sauce as a finishing  touch on; Vegetables fresh or steamed

        Salads,tossed or spring mix, Caprese, Fresh Fruit; Berries, Melon, Pears

        Apples, Figs, Cheese, Fish, Seafood, Sushi, Stir fry, Wild Game, Eggs

        Roasted Meats, Kabobs, Poultry, Tofu, Yogurt, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes

        Desserts; IceCream, Pie, Cake even Chocolate!  Replaces soy sauce

        Teriyaki, Worcestershire, ketchup, salad dressing or along with all these.

        The perfect presentation sauce, paint the plate like a pro!  Swirl on just 

        before serving or as you eat.  DO NOT refrigerate/freeze or add water.

        Good one year after opening.  Store away from heat & Sun like fine wine.


If you have left over Smoked Salmon Torta, try these easy ways to change it up~

Chip Dip~add ketchup or chili sauce, a squeeze of lemon, mayo, paprika and/or cayenne to taste, whip til smooth.

Pasta~boil pasta and drain lightly, return to pan, stir in half and half and torta until melted, add petite peas, heat.

Stuffed Mushrooms~add a few drops lemon juice, fresh tarragon and cracked pepper to torta and spread in caps.  Bake @ 350 until heated thru.  Of course, Shibui to finish is the perfect touch!


 Tiny Tribe Member enjoys her snack at a recent demo!

Chef Jay’s Shibui Sauce is the perfect finishing touch and a great start too. Use as a marinade or salad dressing. Shibui enhances the taste of fresh or grilled veggies, combines beautifully with cheeses, tops crackers, crostini and bruschetta with that special zing.  Makes every plate look like it was presented by a Master Chef. Add Shibui to your favorite recipes in place of soy sauce, ketchup, or worcestershire. Shibui sauce adds subtle flavor to grilled meats and fish, poultry, and wild game. Use at the table in place of other condiments. Shibui adds flavor without adding salt, gluten or sugar. 

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!


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